Website for Eben Leigh

I provided a complete modern website for author Eben Leigh.


Development, Design


Eben Leigh


August, 2023


Eben Leigh is a newly published author looking for a website that will aesthetically engage his visitors. He envisions a website that will be able to shine a spotlight on both his work and himself as an author, letting viewers empathically connect with the face behind the words.

What did I do?

• Provided a design where he was at the forefront.

• Utilized engaging animations and book inspired border designs to give the user an enriching visual experience.

• Implemented the color scheme from his book for brand consistency, as well as highlighted latest book signing events to further encourage sales.

• Ensured mobile responsiveness across the site while keeping the content visually pleasing.


The site is an aesthetically pleasing showcase of Eben’s talents and publications. With eye catching designs and animations, viewers are able to engage with the author in exploring his unique works and purchase them if so desired.

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