I'm Lyndsay Howard,
Web Developer

About Me

I'm a front-end web developer that loves nothing more than breathing life into corners of the web.

From the time I was young, I have always been drawn to both art and technology. My first ventures into the coding world came from creating my own personal website in the early 2000s. The perfect marriage of art and tech, web development just felt right. I've been hooked ever since!

My Work

United Way of Danville-Pittsylvania County Website Redesign

I provided a complete modern redesign of this non-profit's site, transporting it through time from a 2006 design to a fresh and new 2022 design.

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Skills & Services

Mobile Responsive Design

With over 91% of internet users today accessing the web on mobile devices, it is imperitive that your website is fully mobile responsive and usable. My knowledge of mobile responsive design will ensure your website is accessible across all devices and screen sizes. Getting your website in the hands of over 5 billion mobile device users worldwide will be vital in a rapidly growing society of personal technology.

Dynamic Website Content

I am able to build out and moodify designs in CMS services like WordPress. This means you will be able to post and update content on your own while keeping the layout intact. No coding needed! You will have a website that dynamically evolves with you and your business. I will ensure that you can implement whatever content you need seamlessly and at any time.

Website Launching

I can handle the process of getting your website on the web! I have robust knowledge of hosting domain names, DNS, and setting up hosting environments. You can rest easy in knowing your site is reaching its audience.

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